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Nicole's Portfolio

Welcome to Nicole's portfolio. Nicole is a front-end Developer, curently interning at the she code Africa levelled membership. There are series of projects she has done and is presently working on. she is vast in the knowledgde of HTML and CSS, a bit of JavaScript and Python.

Nicole's Portfolio



Survey Form

A simple survey form for an Application to join Nicole's Confectioneries.

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Techdoc Page

A Techdoc page on how to bake, makinng some simple pastries ands other continental dishes

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project 3

Product landing page

Details of product available and prices of snacks, pasties at Nicole's Confectioneries.

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Nicole Adeyemi

A Background introduction of who Nicole is.

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Our goals are splitted into the primary and the secondary goals. The primary goals are life-lasting while the secondary goals are either short term or long term. click the button below to see.



Nicole started learning about coding actively last year on freecode camp and has progressed since then.

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Succeeding in Web Development: fullstack and front-end

This linkedin course certification provides a map of the core technology and advice about mastering them, it also provide stips on finding training, getting hired and maximizing your potential in this exciting field.

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HTML Essential training

This linkedin learning course teaches that Hypertext Markup Language is the foundation of website and web application development, how to craft an excellent HTML with pieces that HTML itself has to offer.

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Programming Foundations: Fundamentals

In this course the core foundations to begin programming is mentioned. Here python is used to explore core concepts, how to work with data and troubleshoot errors and how to Increase efficiency with functions working with comment.

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Programming Foundations: Databases

This linkedin learning course shows that in programming, database is very important, it provides a constitent , organized structure for storing and retrieving large amount of data.

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